Behaviour Team

Lyndsey Naden

Assistant Principal: Behaviour

Victoria Hartley

Behaviour Leader for Key Stage 3

Beverley Lofthouse

Behaviour Leader for Key Stage 4

Casey O’Reilly

Pastoral Support Officer: Year 7

Sarah Firth

Pastoral Support Officer: Year 8

Pete Beane

Pastoral Support Officer: Year 9

James Bennett

Pastoral Support Officer: Year 10

Will Milner

Pastoral Support Officer: Year 11

Isma Khan

On Call Manager (KS3)

Anthony Cafferkey

On Call Manager (KS4)

Attendance Team

Natalie Pickering

Assistant Principal: Attendance & Mathematics

Stephanie Hunter

Attendance Leader

Clare Smith

Attendance Officer: Year 7

Michelle Doolan

Attendance Officer: Year 8

Rosie Bullick

Attendance Officer: Year 9

Sarah Wilkin

Year 9 and Assistant Attendance Leader

Kelly McLaughlin

Attendance Officer: Year 10

Helen Orme

Attendance Officer: Year 11

Abigail Lockwood

Attendance Admin Assistant

Inclusion Team

Sam Sheedy

Vice Principal – Behaviour & Safety

Mick Hill

Inclusion & Safeguarding Leader

Nikki Archer

Inclusion & Safeguarding Officer: Year 7

Chloe Tracey

Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer: Year 8

Georgina Martin-Mitchell

Inclusion & Safeguarding Officer: Year 9

Julie Baldwin

Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer: Year 10

Sukbhir Regan

Isolation Leader

Nikki Murrell

Assistant Inclusion & Safeguarding Leader

Becca Wilkins

PLC Leader


Sam Sheedy

Vice Principal – Behaviour & Safety

Dawn Connolly


Karen Lawson

Learning Support Centre Leader

Sarah Courtman

Teaching Assistant

Catherine Harrison

Teaching Assistant

Faye Hinchliffe

Teaching Assistant

Callum Hosty

Teaching Assistant

Ewa Rutczynska

EAL Teaching Assistant

Chloe Halligan

SEND Admin Assistant