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All students are expected to maintain a high standard of personal appearance. A negative comment will be issued where uniform is not correctly worn. Where a uniform issue cannot be resolved e.g. trainers, Isolation may be issued in line with the academy Positive Discipline policy. The following is school dress:

Students Uniform

  • Farnley Academy V neck, grey jumper with purple striped border (Must not be tucked into trousers)
  • Striped purple/grey school tie with correct house colours (Must have a knot of an appropriate size, not exceeding 4cm at its widest point)
  • Plain white classic collar shirt (not a blouse)
  • Plain black or charcoal grey tailored trousers (not skinny/no decorative zips or patterns)
  • Black or charcoal grey knee length ‘A’ line skirt
  • Black socks
  • Plain black leather/ leather-look type school shoes
  • Hijabs – Must be black.
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  • Shoes: All students must wear formal, plain black leather or leather type shoes below the ankle. Students should not wear shoes that are decorative (e.g. diamantes) have coloured/reflective stripes or logos, backless sandals, boots (above the ankle) trainers or ‘leisure’ shoes. Canvas shoes and Kickers are not allowed.
  • Bags: School bags are an important part of our uniform. To be fit for purpose, they must be a suitable size in order that all equipment, including A4 exercise books, can fit inside. Students using bags that are deemed too small will be challenged and expected to purchase a replacement in a given time-frame.
  • Belts: Plain and black with no logos

Other areas of personal appearance

  • Jewellery: students are allowed to wear a watch (smart watches/ Fitbits are not allowed), one discreet ring per hand and one earring per earlobe – small stud only. Earrings may be plain gold, silver, diamante or pearl, but must not be any colour or in any pattern other than a stud. These must be removed for PE. No other facial piercings are allowed. Students are not permitted to wear necklaces and bracelets/bands (other than for faith reasons), however, students are allowed to wear one charity band.
  • Excessive make-up is unnecessary and should not be worn. If make-up does not comply with academy policy then the student will be sent to their Pastoral Support Officer/ Student Services and will be required to wash it off – a negative comment will be issued. Appropriate make-up is allowed and is defined as: foundation (appropriate to the student’s skin tone), black or brown mascara which should be worn discretely, a small amount of neutral eye shadow if required. No eyeliner, blusher or bronzer is to be worn.
  • Fake eyelashes are not permitted – a negative comment (U) to be issued and students should not wear them in the future.
  • Nails: false / acrylic nails should not be worn. Coloured nail varnish is not permitted.
  • Hairstyles; hairstyles should not reflect the extremes of ‘youth culture’. Hair must not have patterns or lines cut into the hair. Colourings should be subtle and of natural colours only i.e. no pinks, red, blues or purple, two tone colour patterns or dip dye.  Students with inappropriate hairstyles will be sent to the Pastoral Support Officer and placed in Isolation.
  • Tattoos: Tattoos or body piercings must not be visible.

Please note: Students are not allowed to wear denim, cords, jeans or trainers.

PE Uniform

The correct PE kit must be brought to every PE lesson. Failure to do so will result in a negative comment. If a student is excused from a PE lesson they are still required to bring their PE kit in order to participate in lessons, for example as an umpire. If students do not have the correct PE kit they will be required to borrow a PE kit in order to take part.

If the injury or illness is severe enough to warrant the student taking no part in the lesson whatsoever, or if the student is physically unable to get changed into their PE kit, a note from the doctor or hospital is required and should be shown to the student’s PE teacher before the start of the lesson.

The following is compulsory dress for all students in PE:

  • Purple and black PE polo shirt with logo (available for purchase from Price and Buckland)
  • Black PE shorts (available for purchase from Price and Buckland)
  • Black PE socks (available for purchase from Price and Buckland)
  • (Boys only) Purple and black PE logo sleeved sport shirt (available for purchase from Price and Buckland)
  • (Girls only) Black Micro Fleece (available for purchase from Price and Buckland)
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms are allowed to be work during the colder weather at the discretion of the teacher. (available for purchase from Price and Buckland)
  • Sports trainers – with non-marking soles (pumps are not suitable)
  • Football boots are compulsory for all students, boys and girls

All uniform can be purchased directly through Price and Buckland.
Orders are delivered to school for free on the 13th and 28th August. This requires the order to be placed two weeks before the deadline: for the 13th August this will be Monday 30th and for the 28th August this will be Tuesday 14th August.


All students at The Farnley Academy are required to have the following equipment with them on a daily basis.

2 x Black Pens
2 x Pencils
1 x Purple Pen (Pink is not permitted)
1 x Green Pen (Dark green only)
1 x Ruler
1 x Rubber
1 x Glue Stick
1 x Black Non-permanent Whiteboard Pen
1 x Scientific Calculator (Required: Casio FX-83GT / FX-85GT)
1 x Pocket English Dictionary (Required: Collins Pocket School Dictionary)
1 x Reading book for years 7 to 10

In addition, where studying a language, the following is required:

1 x Pocket French / Spanish / German Dictionary (Required: Collins Pocket School Dictionary)

Where a student does not have the correct equipment, a negative comment will be issued by their form tutor.

Sweets and Drinks

Please be aware that in response to the student led ‘GORSE Gets Healthy’ initiative, from September 19, Chocolate, Sweets and Fizzy / Energy Drinks will not be permitted to be eaten on site during the school day. In addition, ‘family size’ bags of crisps will not be permitted.

Where your child is seen consuming any of the above items, on the first occasion they will be issued with a negative comment and asked to place them in their bag. Further instances would be considered defiance and would lead to further sanctions.