Mobile phones are brought in to the academy at the student’s own risk and must be switched off during the academy day.

If a student has a mobile phone out in the academy or it goes off, or it can be seen, it will be confiscated (along with the SIM card) for 48 hours and a negative comment will be entered into the students planner.

If this falls on a Thursday or a Friday it cannot be collected from Student Services until the following Monday after the academy day has finished. The exception to this rule is where a Senior member of staff has given permission for a student to use their mobile phone. This would only apply in truly exceptional circumstances.

*Where students are serving a period of Isolation they are expected to put their mobile phone and their bags into a locker. If the student fails to do this and the mobile phone is seen the student will have their mobile phone (along with SIM card) confiscated for 5 days.

There may be times where a child has to use a mobile phone without permission for reasons of a safeguarding nature, or reasons that are highly personal. In these circumstances the confiscation of the mobile phone will be at the discretion of the Principal.
Smart watches are not allowed on the academy premises and will be confiscated in line with our mobile phone policy.

Students are not permitted to have their phone out while walking on the path along the drive way or the path down towards the bus stop on Whincover Drive.

Once a student has passed these railings they are permitted to use their phone.