With the increased use of the internet in schools and in the home, it is essential that our students are encouraged to use it to help their learning but keep safe from the risks online.  We aim to build in the use of these technologies to ensure students have the necessary skills to access life-long learning and employment.

Sam Sheedy, Vice Principal, is the Child Protection Lead; you should report any e-safety concerns by emailing [email protected] or calling 0113 263 0741.

Below you will find links useful guides and checklists:

e-Safety and Online Policy
Accessing inappropriate websites
CSE Social Media Library
Keeping your Child safe from Child Sexual Exploitation
Keeping Your Child Safe Online
Online Grooming
Parents’ Guide to Cybersecurity
Parental Advice on Facebook
Parental Guide to Extremism and Radicalisation
Parental Guide to Instagram
Parental Guide to Snapchat
Parental Guide to WhatsApp
Parental Guide to YouTube
Yellow Guidance