Parents evenings are a great opportunity for you to meet with your child’s teachers and discuss their work, effort and progress so far this year. We strongly advise you to attend along with your child so you are able to find support them in their learning.

The Farnley Academy Parents’ Evening Calendar

Date Event
17 November 2020 Year 7 Parents’ Evening 1 (Form tutors only) – AP1 Reports handed out and explained
8 December 2020 Year 11 Parents’ Evening 1 – Mock Results handed out during the evening
4 February 2021 Year 8 Parents’ Evening
9 March 2021 Year 7 Parents’ Evening 2 – with subject teachers
16 March 2021 Year 11 Parents’ Evening 2
21 April 2021 Year 10 Parents’ Evening
20 May 2021 Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Booking Parents Evening Appointments

We are operating a new electronic appointment booking system for these evenings. This system will allow you to book appointments based on your convenience and the availability of teaching staff. We will be providing more information about the booking process shortly.