The 5 Modern British Values are:

  • Rule of Law

  • Democracy

  • Individual Liberty 

  • Mutual Respect  

  • Tolerance 

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Curriculum Intention/Vision
SMSC and MBV Integrated Approach

Young people are provided with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become good citizens and lead highly successful lives in modern Britain. Opportunities to explore and engage with British values and SMSC are built into the PHSE curriculum, lessons and assemblies. Alongside a range of artistic, cultural, sporting and international events. 

Having a clear understanding of MBV’s is something that we actively encourage at TFA. We want all of our students to have a firm awareness of the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of making negative choices and we actively promote respect, tolerance and democracy throughout the academy. 

We insist that respect is shown in every single area of the school and we work extremely hard to ensure that this is instilled into our students. We recognise the multi-cultural, multi-faith and ever-changing nature of our local community, the United Kingdom and our global community. Students are provided with a safe space to explore the different values people hold and learn about different cultures and faiths. Students are given the time to explore ideas and develop a sense of identity about what views and values they hold. The Farnley Academy is dedicated to preparing students for adulthood beyond the formal curriculum and promote lifelong values in all of our students 

Democracy is taught through variety of ways at TFA whether it’s voting foHouse captains, completing a democratic vote for the Head boy/Girl or taking part in a mock election which we run at the same time as local and general elections to give students an understanding of the process. We aim to give all students a clear understanding of how they as citizens in our school and in their local community, can bring about influence through a democratic process 

Preventing Radicalisation & Extremism

Terms and definitions:

  • Extremism – vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, such as democracy, the rule of law and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.
  • Ideology – a set of beliefs.
  • Radicalisation – the process by which a person comes to support extremism and terrorism.

At The Farnley Academy we aim to build pupil’s resilience to radicalisation by promoting Modern British Values and enabling them to challenge extremist views. Students are given a safe space in which they and staff can understand the risks associated with terrorism and develop the knowledge and skills to be able to challenge extremist arguments.

Prevent is a government strategy designed to stop people becoming involved with extreme and terrorist actions or supporting terrorists or extremist views. The Prevent strategy covers all types of terrorism and extremism including extreme right wing violent groups.