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Transition Information

Welcome to everything you need to know about the transition process from primary school to The Farnley Academy. Whether you are a student or Parent/Carer this page will provide you with all the key information.

Hello! My name is Mrs Hamilton and I am responsible for transition at The Farnley Academy. That entails helping support all of our students as they make the step from primary to secondary school and ensure that the change is as smooth, successful and enjoyable as possible.

I am here to support you from the moment you consider joining our school and I will continue to support you and help you to develop into the ambitious, resilient and kind young adults you will be when you leave The Farnley Academy.

My door is always open for that continued support to help ease any of your anxieties and share the joy of your successes during your secondary school journey.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in September and officially welcoming you to The Farnley Academy.

Current Year 6 Transition Information – Key Dates 2019/20

Due to the current situation with COVID 19, our transition plans have had to change. We are currently in the process of contacting each primary school to gather information on each of the students that will start at The Farnley Academy in September 2020. We will be in contact with all parents and carers soon with some more information in regards to Year 6 to 7 transition.

If you require any additional information regarding transition please contact [email protected]

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, the canteen is open from 8-8:30am, as well as break and lunch.

Parents/Carers will be given an online account to top up students’ accounts. This means that instead of cash, biometric identification is used. This helps to keep queues moving faster, allowing students more time to eat.

All Year 7 students will be issued with a locker. A small payment of £7.00 is required for the padlock. These are located in the Tomlinson building (where PE is located).

Staff are on patrol in the community from 8:10 on a morning and at the end of the school day from 14:50. This is to monitor behaviour and ensure that students feel safe in the community. These members of staff will be highly visible wearing hi-vis jackets.

We do our best to liaise with primary schools to place students in forms, however it is not always possible for students to be matched. However, where there are numerous students joining the Farnley Academy from a primary school, we try to ensure students are in a form with a familiar face.

Uniform can be purchased using the following link

Your planner is central to your progress at The Farnley Academy. Each week you will collect stamps in your planner from your subject teachers and Form Tutor. There is also a praise box in each week of the planner, your Form Tutor or subject teachers might wish to add a comment here. Any negative behaviour will be recorded in the negative comments section, there is room for staff to write comments to explain these. It is expected that you will have conversations about these with your Form Tutor and Parents/Carers. In addition to this Parents and Carers are expected to sign the student’s planner at the end of each week to show that it has been checked.

The Farnley Academy operates a no phone policy, if a phone is visible i.e. seen through a pocket, is out around school or in the no phone zones to-from school the phone will be confiscated for 48 hours. Arrangements will have to be made for a Parent/Carer to collect the phone after 48 hours.

Your Form Tutor will be your main point of contact as you will see them every day and for a total of over 3 hours per week. There will also be a Pastoral Support Officer for Year 7 who will deal with behaviour incidents and any other pastoral issues. As well as a Pastoral Support Officer, there will be a Year 7 Academic Progress Leader who will monitor your progress in lessons and provide intervention where necessary. As we value your attendance an Attendance Officer will also be assigned to your year group, they will run rewards for those with the best attendance, track attendance and place intervention for students with poor attendance. A member of Senior Leadership will manage the staff in each Year group and will deal with more serious incidents.

Registration begins at 8:30 until 9:00am. You will then have a six lesson day; all lessons will be 50 minutes. The school day finishes at 14:50, however many extra curricula clubs finish at 16:00. If you are required to attend an after school detention you will be given 48 hours notice and this will finish at 15:50.