At the Farnley Academy we have made a significant investment in a large number of areas to support student well-being and improve their academic performance. Without doubt our brilliant Academic Progress Leaders have been a big part of this journey.

What does an Academic Progress Leader do?

APLs are responsible for ensuring all students within their year groups are making the best possible progress, and where required further support to reach their potential. In addition, they support students with the completion of their homework when they receive over 3 Homework comments and also work with students in catch up club to ensure no one falls behind due to illness.

For more information visit our Academic Progress Leaders page.

Examples of their great work includes:

  1. Facilitating additional work from class teachers to ensure that a young person gets targeted support;
  2. Arranging additional interventions during the academic week to further support a student;
  3. Working with teachers during tutor time to cover topics that may be identified through testing as problematic;
  4. Working closely with the behaviour and attendance team to ensure that a student has no barriers to learning.

Without doubt the APLs are having great impact and some students moved forwards by over 3 grades with their support last year.

Scott Cosgrove