Badges for Early Access to School Site

In recent weeks, we have worked hard as an academy to increase the number of staff on duty throughout the school day, with both teaching and support staff now supervising students before and after school, and at break and lunch times, to ensure their safety and that our high standards are upheld.  Before and after school, these duties also include a greater presence from the Senior Leadership and Behaviour Teams in the local community.

To further improve the supervision of students, from Monday 11th June students wishing to enter the school site before 8:10am will be required to wear a badge.   We want to make sure we have a record of which students are likely to be in school early, whilst recognising that some parents or carers need to drop their children off early to fulfil other childcare commitments or get to work on time, and that some of our students want to get to school early for a place to complete homework or independent study.

To obtain a badge, students must return the reply slip from the letter sent home last week, with consent from their parents.  These need to be taken to Student Services where, pending approval from Miss Langley (Assistant Principal), they will also collect their badge the next day.  The only reason a student may not be given a badge is if there are seen to be behaviour concerns which mean it would not be appropriate for them not to be directly supervised.

If students are not wearing their badge from Monday 11th June, they will not be granted access to the school site until 8:10am; if they are found to be on site before this time they will be asked to leave and wait outside the student gate.  Students wearing their badge will need to remain in the canteen or Library until 8:10am, at which point staff are on duty all around the academy site.