Dear Students and Families,

We just wanted to take a brief opportunity to congratulate and commend you on the truly exceptional Key Stage 4 results achieved across our trust in 2020.  Obviously you will be fully aware that those remarkable achievements have been secured against a context of national confusion and uncertainty which has been most unsettling for all concerned.  Nevertheless, we are determined to celebrate fully all that has been achieved by you in partnership with the fantastic teachers and wider professionals across The GORSE Academies Trust.   You will be delighted to learn that, despite all of the problems within the examination world of 2020, our results have been amongst the highest in the country.

We do hope that what you have achieved will now prepare and take you to the next exciting stage of your life and we look forward to hearing of your continuing success.

With our very best wishes,

Sir John Townsley Leanne Griffiths
Chief Executive Officer Executive Principal: 11-16 Education