The desks are out and ready for the first GCSE examination on Monday 14th May.  Our Year 11 students are working incredibly hard; we are already so proud of them in the run up to their examinations.  We wish them all the best of luck during this period, along with a reminder to look after themselves – ensuring revision is balanced by some time to relax and plenty of sleep.
A programme of revision sessions is in place during the school day and after school to ensure all students are fully prepared for each subject.  ‘Boosters’ will also take place immediately prior to each examination, to ensure students are equipped with any last minute tips and so that all examinations start with a calm and purposeful atmosphere.
Thank you to all our Year 11 parents and carers for supporting and encouraging your children over the last five years with us at The Farnley Academy; we look forward to seeing you to celebrate some fantastic results on Thursday 23rd August.