At The Farnley Academy we promote democracy and every student and member of staff having their say. It is therefore appropriate that we hold full school elections for our Head Boy and Head Girl. Last week seven exceptional Y10 students were shortlisted and set out their campaign to be the next Head Boy and Girl. This involved creating candidate profiles which were shared with all form groups across school. Following this the candidates lead a week of assemblies where they delivered speeches outlining the reason why they should receive the honour of taking on this role next year. All candidates excelled themselves in this process and any of them would have made excellent Head Boys and Girls. However in the true spirit of democracy, there has to be a winner.

With an overwhelming majority of votes we would like to congratulate Daisy and Billy who will be taking on these roles of leadership next year. They will also be joined by Jess and Daniel who will work as their deputies.

All great leaders have one thing in common. They have an excellent team behind them. The first job of Head Boy and Girl will be to create their Student Leadership Team. This will take place in September and we hope to receive many applications from all years groups!