Health and Social Care Work Experience

The Year 10 Health and Social Care students of The Farnley Academy are out this week, demonstrating their excellent caring skills on work placements. Work experience is an essential part of the Health and Social Care course, but doesn’t only provide them with information for their qualification, it also gives them a chance to see the real working lives of health and social care professionals in a variety of settings. The students get to have ‘hands-on’ experience of caring for children and adults; it helps them to have a clearer vision of what they might enjoy in their future careers. Work experience has been successfully run for the past five years at The Farnley Academy, and students speak highly of the skills, knwoledge and understanding they gain. The students will be demonstrating that they can deliver anti-discriminatory care, showing they can keep confidentiality and uphold the privacy and dignity of people of all ages. We are sure they will be successful this week and that our community will benefit from the wonderful work of the students whilst they are there.