We have loved seeing all the fantastic things you are doing from home and have been awarding house points for these left, right and centre! Since we cannot have our planned house vs house assembly we have decided to launch something different this week. Every Tuesday we will add a House Points Challenge to our social media pages. Members of staff will demonstrate the challenge for you to replicate. This week, we are asking you to throw a teabag in a cup. For inspiration watch this video and check out our Facebook page to see the attempts of some of our teachers.
We’ll be awarding house points in the following ways:
  • 200 house points to the house with the most entries
  • 100 house points to the house with the second highest number of entries
  • 50 house points to the house with the third highest number of entries
  • 25 house points to the house with the fourth highest number of entries
  • 100 points to the house of the best individual entry
We will also be posting a mystery prize home to the best entry (judged by Mr Williams and Ms Mcloughlin). We look forward to seeing what you come up with… Remember, there will be a challenge each week. We look forward to receiving your submissions to [email protected]