Immersion in Languages

Over the past fortnight Year 8 and 9 students have attended The Ruth Gorse Academy for a full day’s immersion in French, German or Spanish.  No English was spoken by staff!  This gave students an authentic modern language experience.  The Gorse MFL team worked incredibly hard to set up a variety of real-life experiences throughout the academy and students were able to visit a pharmacy, a hotel, a clothes shop, a train station, and a restaurant as well as spending time ordering food at a market.  Great fun and lots of learning took place throughout the day. The students loved the translation game in particular, and they also really enjoyed their time in the Academy’s fabulous Immersion Suite, where interactive languages games were played by touching the digital walls.
The experience helped all students build their confidence in speaking in a foreign language and provided a valuable opportunity to hone their speaking and listening skills ready for their GSCEs next year.