Research has shown that leading a sedentary lifestyle can be really bad for your mental and physical health, so staying active during this difficult time is vitally important. Leading a physically active lifestyle has an array of health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Taking part in some form of physical activity also helps your immune system to work more effectively. This is because it helps with flushing bacteria from the lungs and airways, increases white blood cell circulation and raises body temperature, all of which help the body fight infection-which is ideal given the current climate.

Keeping active is also really good for psychological wellbeing too, lowering stress hormones and releasing feel good hormones which is vital for people after many have been forced to spend a significant amount of time inside. One positive side of the lockdown has been the opportunity for so many people to take part in regular exercise and try new hobbies and activities. Families have grown closer together as they have used physical activity as a great way to spend quality time with each other, which is something that doesn’t always happen when families are busy with normal day to day life.

Some of the restrictions have now been lifted which is great, however some may see this as an opportunity to do less exercise which would be a real shame and undo all the hard work. It is really important that you keep exercising as much as possible to improve your overall health. The recommencement of the football season and extended periods of warm weather should be inspiring everybody to want to continue to exercise and keep healthy. Throughout the lockdown period PE has continued in the hub setting in school albeit with an array of new Covid friendly sports, and the children have really enjoyed playing new sports and activities that they would ordinarily never have played. With physical activity creating so many health benefits, we are encouraging as many students and families as possible to keep physically active over the summer period.