Although the current pandemic has meant that we have been unable to see our students and teach the content that we love to deliver, at TFA we have tried to combat this in the best way we could have.

In the initial weeks, staff worked tirelessly to upload work for students to engage with at home. Teachers worked hard to ensure that students were receiving the knowledge and skills that they needed whilst also appreciating that the switch from classroom to bedroom was a tough one. We are so proud with how our students (and parents at home!) dealt with this transition.

However, as the time away from school progressed, we acknowledged that this wasn’t enough to help educate the students at home. Therefore, we implemented two new incentives: 1) Google Classrooms & 2) Video Lessons.

Introducing Google Classrooms allowed us to monitor and track the work students were doing, but most importantly, it was to provide feedback to students for all of their hard work and effort. Staff have really enjoyed using the platform to send messages back and forth to students and get a good idea of their progress and commitment.

The video lessons that we have filmed have been a huge success. Students have now been able to use the online resources alongside their teachers guiding their way through the lesson content. The videos have been designed to help students really feel as if they’re in a classroom setting and of course, to provide the crucial explanation that we are aware is so critical in their development. Staff love coming in and filming their sessions – our classrooms that are set up for video lessons are very busy every day. All subjects now receive at least one video lesson a week with Core subjects providing two.

From a teaching and learning perspective, alongside many other things, the past few months have proven to be extremely tough. However, we are so proud of our students and their adaptation in these difficult times. We know this has been difficult and we can’t wait to see you all again properly. As always, we miss you!

Miss Hart
Assistant Principal: Teaching, Learning, NQTs, ITTs & English