The Farnley Academy has high expectations for learners’ behaviour and conduct and applies these expectations consistently and fairly, this is reflected in all aspects of the Academy life. This is reflected in learners’ behaviour and conduct.

Self-regulation is the ability to manage our own behaviour and subsequently our reactions to this. Alongside this, it is having the ability to respond to the ongoing demands of students experiences through a range of emotions in a manner that is socially tolerable.

Someone who has good emotional self-regulation has the ability to keep their emotions in check. They can resist impulsive behaviour that might negatively impact their situation, and they can self-motivate themselves when needed. They have a wide range of emotional and behavioral responses that are well matched to the demands of their everyday environment.

Over the past term, The Farnley Academy have been supporting students through delivering assemblies and weekly activities in form time to develop strategies and methods to enable students to efficiently self-regulate their behaviour in the classroom, around the academy and within the wider community.