As we continue to strive to provide the best possible education for all young people, we have once again made a significant investment to improve the infrastructure of the academy site. Student voice indicated a number of areas that we could improve on.

Young students in particular identified that some of our doors are very heavy and at times do not help the flow of students on their way to lessons. To that end we have made significant investments new automatics doors both in and out of the Tomlinson building and into the Bronte Building, see below.

In addition, we have also added an additional exit to the Asquith building and although Miss Lupton has lost a small section of her classroom, it certainly helps the flow of students in this building.

A change to lay out in the Tomlinson building has produced a brilliant workspace for our staff who support students with additional needs. The Learning Support Unit has moved to a much larger home in place of the old gym. As we move forward we will look to further invest in our gym equipment in a different location. Mrs Lawson has been appointed as Learning Support Centre manager and has great ideas for how to personalise this new, fantastic space.