Owing to the current Government restrictions in place, it has not been possible for us to complete a ‘Transition Day’ on site at The Farnley Academy. We are, however, keen to ensure that all Year 6 students and their parents and carers have the opportunity to visit the Academy again before the summer break.

Further to the ‘Welcome Pack’ The Farnley Academy sent to all Year 6 students last week, The Farnley Academy have invited all students and their parents and carers to a personal ‘Meet Us’ event.

The ‘Meet us’ event involves students visiting the academy for a thirty-five-minute meeting with an experienced member of our team. These meetings will be a fantastic opportunity for families to meet with us, one to one, and ask any questions that they may have ahead of September. Additionally, this will be an opportunity to provide important information that would normally be covered during our ‘Transition Evening’.

We cannot wait to meet our new Year 7 cohort, and very much hope that everybody is able to join us for this important event.