The GORSE Games

The GORSE Games have seen all secondary academies compete against one another in a range of different sports and events including: Football, Indoor Athletics and Table Tennis, with the upcoming Volleyball tournament taking place on May 21.

From January onwards, Key Stage 3 students have competed with other Trust schools to gain points in an overall league table. Students are awarded points in individual and team events that contribute towards a final total. We currently sit in third place behind The Ruth Gorse Academy and current leader: The Morley Academy.

We have seen success in all sports but a special mention must go to Year 7 Boys’ and Girls’ Football and Year 9 Boys’ and Girls’ Table Tennis, who seized first place in hard fought contests.

Miss Caisley, our Leader of Sport commented, “It is lovely to see so much sportsmanship and respect between Trust academies. The way the girls competed and conducted themselves epitomised what The GORSE Games are all about.”

We are extremely proud of any student who represents our academy and hope to see success in the forthcoming Volleyball.