On Monday we finally got to welcome our new Year 7s to The Farnley Academy. With the restrictions in place over the summer term due to the coronavirus, this year group missed out on the usual transition days.

We have tried to make up for this by having two induction days for Year 7 so they could do some of the activities that they would usually do on the transition days. To minimise the contact between students and their movement around the school, Year 7 have been placed in forms which they will have most of their classes with. We have therefore spent a lot of time on activities so students can get to know each other and their form tutor.

They have also had several tours of the school and met key members of the fantastic team that will support them in Year 7. They have had assemblies with our Principal, Mr Stokes about the fabulous rewards we have at TFA and their Behaviour Manager, Mr Spears has spoken to students about our expectations and our 3 Core Values (ambition, resilience and kind). Curriculum leaders have also shared the content that students will be studying in their subjects and given students some tips to be successful.

It has been wonderful to go around school and see so many happy smiling faces and they have been an absolute delight to have in school this week.

What a week! We can’t wait to watch our Year 7’s grow over the next 5 years at TFA!